Qazvin Summer School 2019

Workshop and excursion

The Water Architecture International Chair 

The Water Architecture Chair Teaching and Research Chair in Architecture, established by Malaquais School of Architecture with its international partners and supported by the Ministry of Culture. Its goal is to explore new avenues towards re-inventing the integrative role of water in architectural, urban and landscape design. The Qazvin Summer University is the fourth international event organized by Water Architecture Chair members since 2017.

Qazvin Summer School Workshop (Aug. 27-Sept. 7, 2019)

Summer University workshop will bring together thirty participants from various countries and disciplines, to imagine the future of the greenbelt of historic gardens encircling the city of Qazvin. Based on field research, conferences and group work with local stakeholders, students will have to design a challenging proposal for valuing their landscape, hydraulic and environmental potentials in relation with a fast growing city.


Field trips and excursion Yazd and Isfahan (Sept. 7-12, 2019)

As part of the summer school, 2-day field trips around Qazvin region and 5-day guided excursions are organized to discover the most fascinating water architecture areas of Iran, including Unesco World Heritage City of Yazd with its hydraulic system of qanats, and former capital of Persia Isfahan, with its palaces, gardens and bridges over the once perennial Zayandeh Rud river. Lectures on Iran’s water architecture will be given by professors along the journey.